First Drop is one of the first pre-seed stage impact funds and the first with its own support programme in Europe, aiming to make 75 investments in the next 2 years.

This is all thanks to an impressive team of dedicated and involved professionals, investors and mentors who believe that real change is possible.

Manu Nieto

General Partner

Alex Valero

General Partner

Alicia Rubí

Board Member

Orfeo Balboa

Program Director

Advisory board

Agustín Vitorica

Founder and Co-CEO at GAWA Capital

María Ángeles León

Co-Founder at Global Social Impact & Open Value Foundation

Gorka Goikoetxea

Finance Director and ESG Investment and Impact Management at Anesvad Foundation

Henk de Jong

Restarting entrepreneur/investor. ICT, mobility and aviation start-ups. Board advisor to 5 companies.


Together we form seas and oceans

Everything begins with a drop, with a step... in the small details we find the seed of the great.

We believe that impact investment is a movement that has the capacity to transform humanity as a whole, and that every company has the potential and the obligation to positively influence its environment. In our VC we are just a few enthusiasts who help a few crazy people who can then benefit millions of people.

How do we do it? We bet on impact companies, we mobilise capital towards results with a purpose and we build bridges between impact investors and entrepreneurs. We invest in people and accelerate companies with exceptional impact that create things that matter with a global reach and potential for global impact on the world's great challenges. We want to be the first drop to create the technological champions of the next few decades.

We choose to go to the moon

We always promise more than we can deliver, but then we always keep our promises. We feel comfortable with the demands of that standard, and we look for founders who share this belief and apply it in their companies.

We need you

It takes a very special type of entrepreneur to scale these types of companies. Those with the vision and courage to go the distance and the humility to know they won't get there alone. Developing proprietary technology, purposeful teams and progressive cultures. With a rebellious spirit, unshakable resistance, unlimited ingenuity and absolute reliability. And the intellectual, technical and executional power to create a legacy that lasts. Because we're not looking for the next cool app.

You will never walk alone

We are by your side from the beginning and we are committed to the long-term adventure of building companies with purpose, supporting you with resources and high-level connections. We've got your back during the good times and you'll find us by your side, shoulder to shoulder, when the challenges come.

Our commitment

We won't waste your time. We will review your documentation with diligence and respect. We will check your hypotheses. We will test your assumptions. We will delve into your technology. We will give you feedback. We are not impressed by the prettiest deck. We will accompany you, we will not stop you. We have the confidence to get out of the way when you no longer need us. We believe that there is no ecosystem without a system. Our success metric is defined by your success. We like working more than we like public relations.

We are a startup

We are entrepreneurs, we are founders, and we speak the same language as you. We don't want to bore you with investment jargon. We speak to you clearly. We will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We will try to bring capital to startups while bringing the startup mindset to the VC. We are ambitious, feisty, resilient and available 24/7.

We invest in people

We invest in founders who are motivated by personal and professional ambitions, deep integrity, and a moral compass that aligns with our company's guiding principles and values. We are looking for committed leaders of amazing teams, focused on their clients, their partners and above all, their people.

Our north star is to provide value

We invest in areas we understand in depth, where our partners and investors have relevant experience, skills and networks. We focus, and we limit our investments to our most important resources, people, to ensure that we can invest a substantial amount of time and effort in each company. The combination of in-depth understanding and sufficient time and resources can make a big difference.

We don’t just invest

We are not just looking for companies to invest money in, but startups to laugh and cry with. The money arrives only once in your current account, we are interested in all the calls, the laughs and the moments that we will have together during this amazing journey. In good times and bad, you can count on us and our emotional, intellectual and technical commitment throughout the life of the project. And later, because this is about people. We will give you financing… but we will give you much more than that.