What cannot be measured cannot be improved

It is about profitability, but with impact.

We seek to generate impact in

The companies

Helping them to understand and advance their way of assessing impact.

The investors

Demonstrating to them that we can not only generate returns but generate returns with impact.

The venture capital funds

Helping them to incorporate this new way of investing into their investment theses.

Why impact?

grow investments

Impact investment is growing annually by 128% on average, reaching similar growth figures to those of traditional venture capital in the early years of the boom.

capital funds

Over the past year, the 15 top-performing funds in the impact area have appreciated by an average of 16.2% annualised over 3 years.

startups don't measured

43% of startups create impact but are not measuring it and do not know how to do so.

With our investments we contribute directly to  Sustainable Development Goals by generation as well as indirectly through our startups, as 100% of our portfolio companies measure and contributes to at least one Sustainable Development Goal.